Thursday, October 11, 2012


Lately it seems as though everywhere I go stores are preparing for fall or winter.  At Redi Rental, we still want to be enjoying summer and think you should be too.   

Here are some grilling and propane tips:
pig roaster
*are you a flipper?
Do you find yourself constantly flipping your grilled foods?  Take a backseat and let the grill do the work.  If you cook at a higher heat, let the first side sear flip once and then finish off the other side.  This will also prevent your food from sticking to the grill

*not enough time?
Do you avoid grilling because it’s too time consuming?  Go ahead and save yourself some time by pre-cooking in the oven or microwave.
60" x 20" grill

 *done for the summer?
Do you find yourself replacing hoses every spring?  Be sure to cover your hose fittings with caps or even a plastic bag to keep them clean and ready to go for the next use.

*why not have a backup propane tank for your grill?
How many times have you been half way through grilling your perfect steaks only to have your tank run empty?  Not to mention it’s too late in the evening to get your tank refilled.

Show us your plates!
If you’re getting your tanks filled at Redi Rental, we can offer you a 10% discount.  Just show us your Passport to Recreation ‘P’ on your license plate and we can save you some $$ on your propane.

Remember, at Redi Rental, you can rent the equipment and keep the advice!

Thanks to: Bobby Flay & Propane Gas