Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Winter blahs.

Winter seems to be never –ending this year in Michigan.  Last year we were all spoiled with a mild winter.  We had very little snow and remarkably warm days by March.  Nothing like a little warmer weather to get your creative juices flowing early!  But not so much this year; you may have noticed the lapse in time between this post and the last one.  Even surrounded by all the tools you would need to complete just about any home project, it’s still easy to get sucked into the winter doldrums. 

We’ve been getting ready for spring around the store in a few different ways and hope you can gain some inspiration from us…

We have new neighbors at our Muskegon location and it has inspired us to ‘keep up with the Jones’ a little.  They’ve given their building a facelift and we feel it’s time to bring out the scissor lifts and spruce up our roof sign with a fresh coat of paint. 

We’ve introduced a new propane campaign at both of our locations.  You’ll see large propane tanks and new signage all around the store and in our advertising.  Propane is something we’ve always offered, but haven’t always promoted.  Maybe there’s something at your home that you’ve always had but don’t always appreciate.  Right now is the perfect time to dig out your hidden away treasures and give them new life.

 In the past two weeks we’ve been attending conventions and trainings both for the American Rental Association and the Pumper and Cleaner Expo.  We’re gearing up for spring with new trends, better ways to get the job done and new equipment to offer to you, our customer.  Maybe there’s a project you’ve been dreaming about, but are unsure how to tackle it.  Pay us a visit at either location and pick our brains for ideas, expertise and experience on the best way to prepare for the job and complete it before the snow melts.

Lounge Furniture
One last thing we’ve done here is attend a local bridal show.  We’ve met with the lucky brides who are planning weddings for 2013 and we learned what they’re looking for.  We have new wireless multi-colored lighting to offer this year as well as modular lounge furniture – it’s bright white and very comfortable.

Here’s to warmer days! 

And remember - Rent the Equipment, Keep the Advice!