Friday, November 9, 2012


As summer winds down many rental stores in the Midwest begin to inventory their equipment.  This includes tents and canopies.  Throughout the warmer and busier months, tents can be cleaned between uses with mops and brushes laid out on the floor.  What we at Redi Rental suggest is to have your tents professionally cleaned while your inventory is no longer being used.  Tentwashing makes a remarkable difference on the cleanliness of your tents.  Many cost-conscious owners are able to get a few more years of rentals out of a tent that has been properly cleaned.  Every stitch, rope, piece of canvas and inch of webbing gets cleaned.  The tents come out of the dryer looking better than they have all summer and customers will be happier when they rent a new [looking] tent.

At Redi Rental, not only do we wash and dry tents, but we also repair every fault and ensure the cleanliness as well as the dryness of each tent.  We have a large scale washer and use minimal detergents as to not over-chemical the canvas and maintain its structural integrity.  
 We wrap and secure buckles and plates to avoid damage done while the tent tumbles.  We then begin the drying process.  We first tumble dry to remove excess water.  We hang tents to dry both in our warehouse and in our brand new dehumidifying room.  
Before coming down, the canvas, ropes and webbing are all moisture tested to steer clear of any mildew as the tents are stored over the winter months.
  Once we know the tents are sufficiently dried, we begin the repair process.  We’re able to fix rips, heat weld, install grommets and replace worn tent, jumper and curtain ropes.  We will also wash your tent bags at no cost.  We wonder why wash a tent, just to store it in a dirty bag, or no bag at all?

 Aren't these some great before and afters?

Remember, at Redi Rental, you can rent the equipment, and keep the advice!

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